THE NEXT EVOLUTION IN Special Economic Zones

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Next-level Zones

We are building the world’s most advanced Special Economic Zones. We work with Prosperity Zones, Free Private Cities, Charter Cities and other projects at the frontier of governance innovation.

Our projects are semi-autonomous special jurisdictions, run by an operating company. They offer companies and residents the basic services of a government as a one-stop-shop. The operator is entitled by the host nation, based on a special zone law. They enable countries to achieve economic growth, attract foreign investment, reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals and leapfrog development by using best practices from all over the world.

Our values and mission are visually represented in our logo. The shield emphasizes security and protection of life, liberty and property, the city symbolizes community and prosperity, and its location upon a hill represents them as beacon of hope and safe haven for civilization.

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What we do

We develop the next evolution in Special Economic Zones.
Our work includes:


Architectural Structure

Tipolis offers help in legally structuring advanced Special Zones. We have the capacity to implement proven systems based on both common and civil law. Besides the complete regulatory and administrative framework, we also offer concepts for security, social issues, education, e-Governance and environmental protection.


Crane on construction

Effective implementation is key for a new legal framework. Tipolis is prepared to operate advanced Special Zones based on a contract with a host nation, with own personnel or sub-contractors. Services includes basic infrastructure, security, firefighters, judges, business development and other administration.


Person providing advisory

Tipolis provides consultancy to parties interested in developing their own advanced Special Zone. This includes legal advice on how to make a project viable in the country of interest, risk and market analysis,  impact assessments, as well as guidance on how to best structure the operating company’s business model.

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