Our business model.

Tipolis' main business model is to hold tradeable shares in companies that operate Prosperity Zones. Tipolis also works to set up those companies on its own, as is planned for its initial projects. The operating companies would make most profit out of land transactions, benefiting from land with a much higher valuation compared to the time before the Prosperity Zone framework was established, but can also become profitable from government services after a certain threshold of residents. In addition, Tipolis earns revenue providing consulting for other projects.

Find your dream home
Find your dream home

Our exit strategy.

Despite recent progress, we are still at the big beginning of a long journey. Tipolis is a pioneering enterprise in a completely new market, the market of living together. Investors therefore should have a horizon of 5 - 10 years, before there will be enough interest making it easier to sell your shares to other parties. Tipolis is considering an IPO at some point in time, and the operating companies for individual projects are also expected to go public (IPO, ICO).


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